A Whole Home Generator Keeps Your Home On In An Outage

Hurricanes and tropical storms are common along the eastern North Carolina coast and their effects can even be felt in the Cary, NC area. High winds can cause trees to fall and knock down power lines and overtaxed transformers may explode because of it. This can leave you without crucial power, sometimes for days at a time.

Our winter snowstorms have been known to knock out power as well. You won’t have to worry about power going out when you have a properly installed whole home generator from the electricians at Mister Sparky.

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A whole home generator can provide dependable power to:

  • Computers & Phones
    If you need to accomplish work, but can’t get to the office or worksite, you’ll need to have a source of power for your computers and cell phones.

  • Air Conditioning & Heating
    It’s important to stay cool during the hot NC summers and just as important to have warm heating if your power goes out in a winter snowstorm.

  • The Home Sump Pump
    If a hurricane causes flooding in your basement, you’ll need power to have your sump pump remove water before it can cause more costly damage to your property.

  • Refrigerator & Freezers
    These need to be steadily powered in order to keep all of your food safe and edible.

  • Electronic Entertainment Systems
    Your television and or stereo system just may be the thing that helps your family pass the time in a storm.

Should You Use Natural Gas or Propane?

  • Natural Gas
    Connecting your whole home generator to a natural gas line allows for easy access to fuel, as you won’t need to mess with it once it is connected. A downside to natural gas is that it might not be flowing if a disaster occurs.

  • Propane
    Propane needs to be stored on your property, but this means that it will be readily available in an emergency. Propane will generally keep for a relatively long time.

Trust The Experts At Mister Sparky For Your Home Generator

Call us today at Call 919-377-1226 for whole home generator services performed by experienced and qualified electricians. We work with expert professionalism so that you’ll be satisfied that you are prepared for an unexpected power outage. We also offer 24/7 generator repairs so you won’t have to wait for normal business hours in an emergency.