Get Under Cabinet Lighting You Will Love

Kitchens are usually designed with cabinets installed over counters. Even with all of your regular lights on, there are probably still areas of darkness under your cabinets that your overhead lights aren’t reaching. With under cabinet lighting from Mister Sparky, you will find that not only do these areas become more usable, but there is an added ambience to your kitchen.

Mister Sparky can install under cabinet lighting that ensures your new kitchen experience is nothing short of amazing!

Easily add to your kitchen’s appearance and ambience with under counter lighting.

Our Installation Options are Flexible & Professional

You have quite a few options for installation, including the type of fixture, the color of the light, the type of bulb and the opportunity to add on other electrical equipment. Your options include:

  • Mood Setting – Is your kitchen a place for relaxation or for productivity? You can enhance your preference with warmer, relaxing light or cooler, energizing light.

  • Style – There are many product options available.

  • Connected Electronics – We can install other electronic equipment when we install your under cabinet lighting. You can get outlets, speakers or docking stations all in one visit.

We’ve Got Your Under Cabinet Lighting Repairs Covered, Too

We can troubleshoot a wide variety of electrical issues, and under cabinet lighting problems are no exception. If you notice that your bulb is making an odd noise or doesn’t work right, we will respond quickly and get your kitchen back to normal.

Enjoy a Brighter Kitchen Today

Whether you’re after the aesthetic effect or greater functionality for your kitchen, Mister Sparky can help you achieve it. Tell us what you have in mind, and we will go from there.

Call us at 919-377-1226 to get started. You’ll always receive the highest level of professionalism, reliability and expertise in the business!