Protect Your Family From The Silent Killer

Many homeowners forget about their smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors until they start beeping. But it is important to replace batteries, clean and test them every year. Calling Mister Sparky ensures that the job is thorough, safe and quick.

We install two types of smoke alarms: the ionization type warns you about fires that are flaming in the home. The photoelectric type warns about fires that are smouldering. It is crucial that you have both types of alarms inside your home.

CO and smoke detector installation are very simple ways to prevent disaster.

How Safe Am I?

Of all home fire deaths, 65% happen in homes without working smoke detectors. If you have a large home, just a few smoke detectors may not be enough to detect smoke quickly.

Of all carbon monoxide poisonings, 89% happen at home. Confusion, nausea, and headaches are common symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. Because these symptoms are unclear, many CO poisonings go unnoticed or unreported. After only an hour of exposure to carbon monoxide, you could lose consciousness. Even if it’s just a small leak.

Why Choose Us?

Mister Sparky’s expert electricians are highly trained in every aspect of your home’s electrical system. We address your home’s electrical needs as a whole, always focusing on the small details that are often overlooked. We’ll make sure that your home has an adequate number of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to guarantee your family’s safety.

Of all the electricians in your area, only one has the Mister Sparky on-time guarantee. Our trained, experienced and thorough technicians always seek to exceed your expectations. We work 24/7, and most of our jobs are completed on the same day.

You don’t have time to wait around for an electrician. So stop waiting and call Mister Sparky!