Portable Generators Provide Power In Outage Emergencies

Portable generators offer an easy-to-move and affordable way to power your home during a power outage. Transporting and storing this device is easy as they are generally small and lightweight.

A portable generator

Which Generator Works For You?

Modern portable generators are quite remarkable, offering plenty of features to help you in the effort to reliably provide power in an electrical failure. Here are some things you should take into account when searching for a generator:

  • Safety Features
    Look for models that have built in safety alerts. If something goes wrong with the internal components or there is not enough oil, the unit should automatically turn itself off.

  • Push Button Ignition
    This convenient feature allows for simply hitting a button to bring the generator to life. This does require a battery, but if the battery fails, there should ideally be a reserve pull ignition feature.

  • How Long It Runs
    Generally, a portable generator with a full tank of fuel will run anywhere from seven to 14 hours. If you need to refill the fuel tank, it is beneficial to let the generator have some time turned off for a few hours. Make sure to check the oil as it will likely be used pretty quickly.

  • Warranty Availability
    A professional company should offer generator warranties. A warranty will provide you with peace of mind.

  • Visible Fuel Gauge
    This allows you to see how much gas is in the generator, giving you an important indication of when you need to fill up again.

Always Choose Quality

Your portable generator needs to be reliable. Make sure you only purchase one from a reputable retailer. Off-brand generators are a risky purchase. Warranties may not even be offered and the unit might not perform well when you need it to. Don’t take the risk of being left without power and without a warranty.

Trust Mister Sparky For Portable Generators

Call us today at 919-377-1226 for expert advice and services for portable generators. Our knowledgeable team will help you determine which model and make will work for your needs in a power outage emergency. Mister Sparky offers 24/7 generator repairs so that you can have your generator fixed as soon as possible.