Get Protection From Dangerous Electrical Shocks

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters are special circuit breakers attached to the outlets in your kitchen, bathrooms and other spaces with high moisture. GFCI outlets are designed to protect you from painful and dangerous electrical shocks by cutting the power to any appliance plugged into the outlet in the case of power overload, short circuit or a fault in the line-to-ground.

An electrical outlet installation

How Does a GFCI Work?

You have probably seen those test buttons on the front of some outlets. You may have never thought much about them, but they indicate that the outlet is a GFCI outlet. If you press the test button and the other does not respond by popping out, you need to replace it and quick!

The GFCI outlet can save lives, preventing power surges from traveling through the system into an appliance you may be holding. Such a connection could be fatal and a GFCI will interrupt the flow in a fraction of a second, halting the electrical current in its tracks.

These should always be installed as recommended by the National Electrical Code. Mister Sparky recommends GFCI installation in all rooms of your house, and we are highly-trained in installation and industry standards, making us the go-to for this kind of work.

Why Choose Us?

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We work 24/7 and complete most jobs the same-day. We have an enormous inventory of parts on hand, saving you time and money. We also believe in straightforward pricing, ensuring that you know the cost of services and parts before the work is completed.

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