Have Power No Matter What With Expert Generator Services

If a storm hits the Triangle area, are you prepared? We may not live in Tornado Alley, but we see our fair share of bad weather. And if a power outage occurs, it has pretty serious implications. Your phone might die, your food might spoil and you might not be able to operate medical equipment. On top of that, when the sun goes down, you’ll be in the dark with no way to see where you’re going in your own home.

Mister Sparky offers generator services so that you are never without power!

A portable generator

We Have Every Situation Covered

We can help you with any generator need. We offer both types of generators:

  • Whole Home Generators – This generator is connected to your home and is capable of powering all of your appliances. It automatically starts workings as soon as your electricity cuts out.

  • Portable Generators – Portable generators can be a cost-effective alternative to powering your whole home. They take more manual work, but they can also be used to supply power for recreational purposes like camping.

Both our whole home and portable generators come with unbeatable warranties.

Once you own one of our products, you can count on us to stick around. We offer these services not only for our generators but for any of your existing equipment as well:

  • Generator Maintenance – It’s especially important to prepare for the unexpected when it comes to something as necessary as a generator.

  • Generator Repair – Don’t hesitate to call us no matter how big or small the problem is. 24/7 emergency generator repair services available.

Stay Safe During Your Next Storm! Call the Experts!

Why choose Mister Sparky for your generator services? As a company with a reputable presence in our entire national service area, we have built our reputation from the best practices in the industry. When you choose us, you can count on:

  • Complete satisfaction with every interaction.

  • An upfront, honest price.

  • Fully stocked service vehicles.

  • Work from licensed, friendly electricians.

Make your home a safe retreat during storms by calling us today at 919-377-1226.