Fast Generator Repair Services

Your portable or whole home generator can be the difference between enduring a power outage without the basic comforts of modern life or enjoying it with them. That’s why your generator should always be kept in optimal condition, ready to kick in at a moment’s notice. Periodically inspect your generator to see if it is in need of service. When you require any generator repairs, rely on Mister Sparky. We provide 5-Star generator repair services in Triangle area of North Carolina.

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Mister Sparky Offers 24/7 Generator Repairs

If your generator isn’t working during a power outage, don’t worry! Mister Sparky
electricians can come to you for professional repairs at any hour of the day, so you can get your much needed power supply up and running again.

Signs Your Generator Requires Repair

Performing your own test on your generator is easy and doesn’t require much time. Simply turn off your main breaker in your home to see if your generator functions properly. This test might not even be necessary though, as the majority of modern generators perform tests on themselves. If you notice any of the following issues, professional electrician services might be in order:

  • Startup Is Delayed or No Startup Occurs
    This can be a sign that the battery or engine have problems.

  • Bad Fuel Efficiency
    If you notice that your generator burns up its fuel more quickly than it previously did, repairs may be required. Inefficiency can shorten the lifespan of your generator.

  • Leakage
    This is especially a problem with older generators. Puddles beneath the machine are obvious indicators of a leak.

  • Alarm Sounding
    Generators that self test will set off an alarm to alert you that repairs are needed.

Trust Mister Sparky For Your Generator Repairs

Call us at 919-377-1266 if you notice irregular or weak power, alarms, or any issue at all with your home’s generator. Don’t hesitate to call Mister Sparky. We work quickly to find the issue and provide professional repairs. Our repair services ensure your generator is prepared to bring your reliable power during an outage, supplying you and your family the basic energy you need for comfort.

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