Generator Maintenance Provides Preparedness

Generators are a great investment to have, ready to provide you with crucial power during an emergency power outage. Professional generator maintenance from Mister Sparky helps to keep your unit in optimal condition so that it will perform during a power loss in North Carolina’s Triangle area.


Maintenance Provides Serious Benefits

The major advantage of generator maintenance is that if something is wrong, or looks as if it is dangerously close to causing a problem, action can be taken now. Having an issue found now by an expert electrician affords you the opportunity to have it solved before it has the chance to fail you during an outage. The last thing you want is for generator to be useless when you actually need it.

Maintenance will also keep your system running efficiently. Efficiency means more mileage out of your fuel and also works to reduce stress on your generator, helping it to have a longer lifespan when compared to an inefficient generator.

Consider how important it is to keep your generator well-maintained for emergency use.
When your generator turns on to provide you power you’ll benefit from:

  • Children and pets being more relaxed.

  • Ability to cook food without using gas.

  • Heating and air conditioning.

  • Essential lighting in your home for visibility and safety.

Mister Sparky’s professional maintenance plan includes inspecting, changing out or replacing:

  • Charging System

  • Motor Oil

  • Corrosion & Rust

  • Starter Motor

  • Fuel Line

  • Muffler System

  • Battery

  • Oil Filter

  • Spark Plugs

  • Air Filter

  • And More

With generator maintenance from Mister Sparky, our highly trained electricians will provide a thorough tune-up so you won’t have to worry about whether your generator will work during a power outage.

Call Mister Sparky For 5-Star Generator Maintenance

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