See How A Fan Can Improve Your Home

Mister Sparky’s experienced technicians are here to help your home stay cool and stylish. Whether your goal is esthetic, functional, or both, we are your go-to for safe, quick installation.

We can even replace your old, squeaky or malfunctioning fans. Not only are they unsightly and dangerous, they result in an increased electric bill, as your fan fights to work at its regular pace.

Mister Sparky are experts in all major types of fans:

ceiling fan

Installation of properly functioning fans adds value to your home, making it easier to sell or rent, and providing greater style and comfort. DIY installation of fans is always risky. Improper installation can result in:

  • Blades coming into contact with furniture or cabinetry.

  • Dangerously unstable fixtures.

  • Multiple electrical code violations.

  • Shorted circuits.

Why Choose Us?

Mister Sparky’s expert electricians are highly trained in every aspect of your home’s electrical system and will ensure that your fan is installed properly. We will make sure your installation is code-compliant and safe. We also believe in straightforward pricing, ensuring that you know the cost of your fan installation before we start work.

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