Enjoy Fresher, Dryer Air in Your Bathroom

Your bathroom exhaust fan is something of an unsung hero in your home, forgotten until you really need it! They prevent steam from hot sinks and showers from fogging up your mirrors and causing mold growth in the home—very dangerous for pets and families—and they remove offensive odors from the air.


What Kind of Fan Do I Need?

There are two major types of installations, all provided with safety and speed by Mister Sparky:

  • Fan & Light Combination
    Lights are already installed! Mister Sparky can install dimmers and motions sensors depending on your style or need.

  • Fan, Light & Heater Combination
    Instead of removing air from the room, this type uses a small heater or a heat lamp to warm up the air in the bathroom, making for a comfortable transition from the hot shower or tub into the cold bathroom.

What Do I Need to Look Out For?

There are two specific types of ratings for your bathroom fan.

  • CFM measures the amount of air that is being moved around the room and determines if it is sufficient for the room’s volume.

  • Sones measures the noise your fan makes when it is running. A nice, quiet bathroom fan has a Sones rating of 1.5 or less.

Why Choose Us?

Mister Sparky’s expert electricians will make sure your exhaust fan installation is completed correctly, focusing on the small details that are often overlooked. Most of our jobs are completed same-day and we have an enormous inventory of parts on-hand, saving you time and money.

You don’t have to suffer in a humid, sticky, smelly bathroom. Call Mister Sparky to install your new bathroom exhaust fan today!