How Can Mister Sparky Help You?

Many companies focus primarily on new homes and commercial construction projects rather than specifically on electrical service work. This means that even the largest companies aren’t necessarily fully trained in every aspect of your electrical system. Our expert technicians know how every inch of wiring in your home should be working and how to keep it operating smoothly.

Our electrical grounding service will fully guard against many electrical hazards.

Mister Sparky specializes in a wide variety of electrical services for home and commercial buildings, no matter the age or size of the structure. All electrical systems are complex. Each element works together to ensure that safe and reliable power is reaching every part of your home. And we know just how to take care of yours!

We specialize in:

We also install, repair, and replace:

Why Choose Us?

Mister Sparky’s expert electricians are highly trained in every aspect of your home’s electrical system. We address your home’s electrical needs as a whole, always focusing on the small details that are often overlooked.

Of all the electricians in the Triangle area, only one has the Mister Sparky on-time guarantee. Our trained, experienced, and thorough technicians will be on time, or your service is free!

Don’t wait. Call Mister Sparky at (919) 377-1226 when you need an electrician.

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