Guarantee Your Family’s Safety With A Compliance Inspection

Every state has its own set of electrical codes designed to maximize your home safety, and North Carolina is no different. Not only is Mister Sparky is a leading expert in the National Electrical Code and the U.S. National Fire Protection Code, we are also trained in all local NC codes.

Our electrical grounding service will fully guard against many electrical hazards.

Whether you are buying a home, selling a home or performing renovations, code violations can halt the process, causing costly delays until everything is back up to code. Don’t risk these delays! Mister Sparky will perform comprehensive compliance checks and recommend any necessary system updates to keep your plan on track.

What Are Some Common Violations?

These are some types of code violations that could hold up your process:

  • Overloaded or damaged circuits.

  • Unsecure electrical connections.

  • Wiring is the wrong size for the system.

  • Outlets are not GFCI.

  • Outlets are not properly spaced or located.

  • Outlets are in a face-up position.

While doing DIY renovations, many homeowners think that upgrading the electrical system is straightforward. It isn’t! Call Mister Sparky to install, repair and advise before you try to do any work on your electrical system.

Why Choose Us?

Mister Sparky’s expert electricians are highly trained in every aspect of your home’s electrical system. We address your home’s electrical needs as a whole, always focusing on the small details that are often overlooked. This ensures that every aspect of your electrical system is code-compliant and safe.

Most of our jobs are completed same-day and we have an enormous inventory of parts on-hand, saving you time and money. We also believe in straightforward pricing, ensuring that you know the cost of services and parts before the work is completed.

Make sure your home is code-compliant by calling Mister Sparky today! (919) 377-1226