Bring the Benefits of an EV Charging Station Home

One major advantage of an electric car is that you can refuel at home. You can’t have a gas pump installed at your home, but you can have an EV charging station installed! With EV charging station installation from Mister Sparky, you will never have to worry if you forgot to recharge before you came home; whenever you leave your home, you will know that you’re fully charged and prepared.

Car with man leaning on it

Get a Charger For Your Specific Needs

There are a couple of different levels recommended for residential use. To decide between them, you should consider:

  • Your car’s driving range.

  • The availability of other charging stations nearby.

  • Your daily routine.

  • Your personal driving habits.

Level One – This charger uses 120-volts. It’s the standard choice. While it charges more slowly, it is also more cost effective. If you have more chargers available to you throughout your area, you might just need a level one.

Level Two – If faster charging times are what you’re after, you will find it with this 240-volt charger. You might need this more if you drive long distances everyday. If you commute a total of 80 miles per day or 40 miles with no charger on your route, a level two is a good idea.

There is a level three, but it is not recommend for homes. It uses too much voltage and will cause problems for your home. If you’re not sure how to weigh in your routines and needs, we’ll be more than happy to help you.

Call Mister Sparky For Trusted Results

Whenever you have a new electrical appliance installed, you’ll want to work with a licensed professional to make sure that everything is installed safely and up to code. The electricians at Mister Sparky have gone through extensive training and certification in order to bring you a satisfactory electric car charging station installation.

Call us at 919-377-1226 to get a level one or level two EV charger installed at your home today!