Prevent Electrical Fires Caused by Breaker Malfunctions

Did you know that circuit breaker tripping (temporary power loss) is your system keeping you safe? While running the laundry machine, you might experience power loss when someone turns on the dishwasher. This means the circuit cannot handle the voltage and is preventing dangerous overworking by tripping the breaker and shutting down.

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This means, however, that your circuit breaker needs to be fixed so the circuit can handle the voltage of your daily appliance use. If these malfunctions are not addressed, it can be very dangerous.

How Do I Know If The Breaker Needs Replacing?

Call Mister Sparky if you experience:

  • A breaker that will not reset.

  • Burning smells or burnt appearance from your appliances or power sources.

  • Frayed wiring.

  • Contact breaker tripping (power loss while multiple appliances are running).

These are all indications that a you A) have a problem or B) could soon develop one. These faults can be time-consuming, dangerous and very expensive if gone unaddressed.

Why Choose Mister Sparky?

Of all the electricians in your area, only one has the Mister Sparky on-time guarantee. Our trained, experienced and thorough electricians will be on time, or your repair will be free. This is just one of the many ways we seek to exceed your expectations.

We also work 24/7 so you can resolve electrical emergencies quickly and with as little stress as possible. Most of our jobs are completed the same day and we have an enormous inventory of parts on-hand, saving you time and money.

Don’t wait to see if that tripped breaker is nothing to worry about. Call Mister Sparky for circuit breaker replacement today!