Get Cooler Rooms While Using Less Energy

You want to beat the Carolina heat, so installing a new ceiling fan seems like a good bet if you don’t have one already. Especially if you are building a new home, an addition to your home, performing renovations or your old fan is broken.


Why Shouldn’t I Do It Myself?

DIY ceiling fan installation is very dangerous. Improper installation can lead to expensive repairs down the road and put your family at risk if the fan were to disconnect or experience wiring problems. Mister Sparky installs ceiling fans quickly and safely, so you can cool down.

Common mistakes by inexperienced or unqualified technicians:

  • Electrical shock hazards.

  • Loose, unstable operation.

  • Unattractive poor alignment with the ceiling slope.

  • Poor assembly that could come apart.

Mister Sparky is also an industry leader in ceiling fan repair. We can often maintain and repair fans on the same visit, along with your installation!

Why Choose Us?

Of all the electricians in the Triangle area, only one has the Mister Sparky on-time guarantee. Our trained, experienced and thorough electricians will be on time, or your repair will be free. This is just one of the many ways we seek to exceed your expectations.

We also work 24/7 so you can resolve electrical emergencies quickly and with as little stress as possible. Most of our jobs are completed the same day and we have an enormous inventory of parts on-hand, saving you time and money.

Don’t swelter in the summer heat any longer. Call Mister Sparky for ceiling fan installation today!